"Sun, Sea, Sand, Pleinvrees."

Pleinvrees is once again back on the beach! Our sound belongs on the beach and we feel that the beach fulfills our needs in any way and could make a Mensch truly happy..  And that's actually the reason why we transformed Saturday the 3rd of June as our favorite day!


The Pleinvrees Sports Championships!

This year Pleinvrees organizes a select group of sports you can attend. With 32 teams of 6 to 10 players each you will compete against other teams in five sports: Mudwrestling, Obstacle Course, Soccer, Volleyball and Dodgeball. These sport together will create one big championship in which the winner will go home with the honor of winning and, of course, the Grand Prize. Sign up here.


Other sports

In addition to the Pleinvrees Championship, there will be a lot of other sports to attend. There will be Bubble Soccer, Bossaball and Horny Yoga. In Bubble Soccer you will kick against a ball while your inside a bigger ball, WOW. Bossaball is the amazing combination of volleyball and a trampoline! And Horny Yoga speaks for itself ;)
Check out the sports here.



Flyboarding: In the water or in the air? You control it. Looks very easy on the internet, but is it? This is your chance to find out!

Wakeboarding: This sport is probably much appreciated by the Pleinvrees audience. Wakeboarding, it is intended to bite a minimal amount of water. Adrenaline!

Windsurfing: The eighties are back. Italo-Disco, mustaches, and even windsurfing is back and happening. #retro

Supping: Relaxing paddling: the perfect way to get a nice tan. Sunscreen is recommended! The IJmeer is (as far as we know) free of sharks.

Sign up for the watersports here.


General information

When and where can I buy tickets?
The ticket sales will start Monday the 13th of Februari. You can buy your tickets on the website, just click here and follow further instructions.

Lost your ticket(s)?
Bought tickets online but didn’t receive anything? If there is money debited from your account, your ticket(s) can not be far. If you can’t find your ticket please go to the Paylogic website and fill in your e-mail address here. Paylogic will send your ticket(s) again. 

Travel and stay
Traveling to the Netherlands from abroad? You will probably arrive at the Schiphol Airport, Eindhoven airport or Rotterdam / The Hague airport. From there it's very easy to continue your way to the city by train, bus or taxi. All the cities offer a great selection of hotels to choose from or get in the local feeling and book via Airbnb! 

We would like to welcome everyone, but unfortunately we can’t allow people under the age of 18 to our events. Please bring a valid identification to prove you’re not underage. 

Drugs / Zero-tolerance
Amsterdam is an open-minded society and it may look like everything is possible, nevertheless hard drugs is still illegal in the Netherlands! At the festival we handle a zero-tolerance policy. This means you can’t carry any drugs into the festival and you will be searched at the entrance. If you do carry drugs and the security finds it, you will get fined or maybe even have to spend a night in jail.